Resilience To Make Progress You Need A Good Measure Of Work & Resilience

It’s the season when people naturally look back over the course of the year to reevaluate. As you may know, I don’t recommend New Year’s resolutions - but rather using the 7 Checkpoints on a daily basis throughout the year. But, there’s some merit in reflecting at certain times in life. As you revisit the past 12 months, perhaps you feel you didn’t achieve all the goals you set for yourself. Perhaps you’re not where you hoped you’d be. Likely you’ve encountered some setbacks or challenges -- perhaps some small… or some not so small.

Today, I want to remind you {and myself} of two critical aspects of living your Best Life: work & progress. I want to assure you we’re all works-in-progress! To make progress we’ve got to put in the work. There really are no shortcuts. Sure, there are more efficient or joyful ways to approach the work. But there’s no way around it.

If you’re paying attention to the 7 Checkpoints - you’re making progress… even if you can’t see it. If you’re showing up and suiting up for life, guess what? You’re making progress. It can be tempting at times to look at others around us or on social media and think they’ve arrived at some magical place of fulfillment. I’m here to assure you that they’re works-in-progress, too. It’s a lot like the iceberg theory - you only see the top. You don’t always see all it took for others to get where they got.

The degree of success and happiness someone achieves isn’t by accident.

Work and a good measure of resilience are required. And, progress is the reward. If you do the work… the progress generally follows. So, will you join me today in being a work-in-progress? Let’s let go of the pressure to be perfect or to have arrived. Let’s together commit to paying close attention to the 7 Checkpoints… especially this time of year. Okay?

I hope this can bring you a sense of peace and hope… because who couldn’t use a little dose of both? It should bring you peace to know that you have endless opportunities to get it right and to achieve the goals you’ve set. Living your Best Life is a journey. It’s about continually making progress along the path… sometimes little by little. Hopefully, we’ll always seek to improve as we move along our paths.

In my work with clients around the world, I see people held back from living their best lives because they’re avoiding challenges or pain. I want to encourage you to stare down whatever you’re facing in your life. Feel the pain or discomfort… I promise it’s temporary and will pass. But, if you don’t deal with it… it won’t go anywhere. Do you know the saying: wherever you go there you are? You can’t go around it… only through it. Don’t distract or numb yourself. Face it head-on, address it and put it in your rear view. Use the challenges you encounter as learning experiences. Use the setbacks as fuel to propel yourself forward.

Please reply below and let me know whatever season of life you’re in, whatever challenge you’re facing -- the progress you’re making. I want to hear how you’re committing to being a work-in-progress and sticking close to the daily habit of the 7 Checkpoints.

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