Action Courage Time Passes Anyway...Use It Well To Pursue Your Best Life

You can either choose to let the fear take over or you can choose to cultivate trust. This is an important check-in for each of us in the Best Life Map community.

Author Brené Brown often talks about how time is going to pass anyway. You can opt to use the time given to you to move forward in creating your best life, trusting you have the time and the skills to fulfill your dreams. Or, you can spend that time paralyzed by fear and not actively pursuing your best life. Don’t allow the timeframe it may take to keep you from pursuing your dreams and goals!

One of the originators of this theory is author, Earl Nightingale, who wrote: “Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.”

It is human nature to pull back in fear when we see changes or opportunities on the horizon. Any effort to make a change or to become a better person is accompanied by a certain measure of fear. Do you ever think to yourself: “ will take me months or even years to reach my, I’ll table that one for now!” Do you identify with allowing the time commitment, effort or resources required in reaching your goals to stop you?

Part of living your best life is recognizing your patterns of behavior, identifying fear and knowing you’re not alone. Today, I encourage you to recognize that using the amount of time or effort required to pursue a goal of yours should not be a deterrent to achieving it. Recognize it is simply fear masquerading as a poorly veiled excuse. Instead, choose to cultivate trust and move forward. While it may not be within your power when fear shows up as a reflexive response to times of change and opportunity—it’s entirely within your power to slow down the speed of fear and increase the speed of trust. What you focus on magnifies—so, choose to focus on the trust. Believe your dreams are worth the time it takes to pursue them!

Let’s take a look at how trust looks and feels differently. If you trust in yourself to achieve your goals—you know you’ve put in the work and you’ve been diligent in using the 7 Checkpoints along the continuum of the Best Life Map—you can move forward with confidence.

Trust is calming and builds confidence and courage.

Fear is paralyzing and keeps you from taking meaningful action. Of course there will be setbacks or challenges along the way. Living your life from a place of trust will allow you to embrace those moments as opportunities, to reframe your story and to simply resume.

Remember, the time is going to pass anyway. You may as well use it to pursue your Best Life with trust and confidence. Time doesn’t stop for anyone. It doesn’t stop for you to press the snooze button on your dreams. Time doesn’t care that you haven’t yet manifested what you set out to accomplish. Use the 7 Checkpoints to enable you to embrace the changes and opportunities in your life. Use every moment well to build your Best Life!

Let me know how you ‘check in’ with trust and keep fear at bay on a daily basis below. Also, let me know your progress with the other checkpoints on your Best Life Map ;-)

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