Gratitude The One Simple, Daily Practice That Improves Your Life, Well-Being and Relationships

What if I told you you have the ability to access a magic elixir that could prolong your life and improve the quality of your health and relationships? If you’re like me, I bet you’d sign up today and pay a premium to get it! Well, what if I also told you it’s free and only involves a simple, daily practice? You still in?

Just Google “gratitude” and you’ll find pages of results and scientific studies related to the practice of gratitude. Why is gratitude such a popular topic? It’s been scientifically proven to increase the quality of your life, health and relationships. Thinking about gratitude, I want to share with you a quote by English philosopher G. K. Chesterton: “When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” Let’s dive into Gratitude as one of the Checkpoints along the continuum to living your Best Life.

I encourage you to join me by checking in on gratitude on a daily basis. It is as basic as saying two simple words—“thank you”—as much as you can over the course of your day. In the video I share about recognizing moments to be present in gratitude over the course of your life each day—no matter your circumstances. Like many of the other Checkpoints on the Best Life Map, gratitude is like a requires daily exercise to achieve and maintain the best results. It’s helpful to see gratitude as one of your daily disciplines—like exercise or meditation. The more you cultivate it, the more you seem to have. I believe gratitude is the most important discipline to living an abundant life—no matter where you are along the your Best Life Map or regardless of the challenges and struggles you may be facing. If you take the opportunity to be present in gratitude, you are well on your way toward living your best life.

One major area of focus I share in the video is your relationships. Take a moment to recognize the people in your life who go out of their way to help you—whether the people with whom you have a relationship or the people you encounter in day-to-day life. Go a step further to take time to express your gratitude to these people. It might be people whose job it is to be of service—who go above and beyond the scope of their work to help you. It might be the people you reply upon...your “go-to” people who are present for the moments of your life. I encourage you not to take these people for granted because none of these relationships is guaranteed.

Recognize these people, act on your gratitude...and express it.

Gratitude is a gift that benefits both the giver and the receiver...that’s a win-win!

Take time today to pick up the phone, send a message...recognize and express your gratitude for the people and relationships in your life. The more you are present in gratitude and express it...the better chance you have to living your Best Life. Together, let’s be people who take things with gratitude, not people who take things for granted.

Comment below and let me know how you ‘check in’ with gratitude on a daily basis.

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