Resilience Resilience Is Key To Genuinely Living Your Best Life

This is something deeply personal to me centered around the September 11th attacks. I’m going to share a story of resilience from my hometown of Staten Island, New York.

I thought a lot about sharing this story of resilience from my hometown because—every time I am in New York—I am inspired by countless examples of those who have overcome profound loss and adversity. I hope this story of resilience will serve as a source of inspiration for you, too.

Resilience is one of the 7 Checkpoints along the continuum of the Best Life Map. As Alain de Botton puts is well: “A good half of the art of living is resilience.” It is resilience that allows us to face and overcome life’s inevitable ups and downs. Resilience is key to turning your adversities into opportunities and genuinely living your Best Life.

When I come home to New York, I don’t have to look far for reminders of those I knew who were among those lost that day. It shows up every time I drive around the Island because I can’t go many blocks without seeing a street renamed for one of them. The way I choose to experience this is, of course, with reverence. It’s also an opportunity to check in on Resilience. I think of those who lost a loved one that day—a spouse, a parent, a child, a friend, a colleague—who soldier on every day...all these years later. They get up and show up every day, in spite of their profound loss and immeasurable sadness. They have been set on a course of resilience the likes of which most of us will never know. I believe it’s not just part of the characteristic grit of New Yorkers...but also because it is how they choose to honor the memory of their loved ones. They are definitively resilient in putting one foot in front of the other each day in the face of their loss, struggles, and setbacks.

My hope, in sharing the stories of my friends with you today, is that you will be inspired to live your Best Life with conviction and passion. I ask you to think about the ups and downs you, like all of us, will continue to have. Let’s allow these stories to reawaken us to the essential checkpoint of Resilience. Let’s use these examples to realize we too have an opportunity to wake up each day and live our Best Life.

I encourage you to look at your life and think about the people who really deal with resilience and turn adversity into opportunity. Remember, the art of living isn’t the absence of struggles and setbacks—it’s moving forward, with resilience, in the face of them. Use the examples I’ve shared with you today—and those you surely have from your own life—to motivate you to live your Best Life by turning adversities into opportunities. This is my hope for you!

I’d love to hear examples or stories from your own life that motivate you to to show up with resilience to live your Best Life! Comment below and let me know how you ‘check in’ with resilience on a daily basis.

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