Appreciate Where You Are Post Image

Appreciate Where You Are

It's important to take a moment to appreciate where you are right now, have a few moments, enjoy the scenery...

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Positivity is a Choice Post Image

Positivity is a Choice

There is a choice that we have every day, to have a belief in our hearts that things will turn...

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Go With Happy Post Image

Go With Happy

  Shit happens. Some times it keeps happening. As a Dad, sometimes it seemed it was literally happening all the time. Nobody...

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What's Your Why? Post Image

What's Your Why?

I’m back in New York for my daughter Samantha’s graduation from high school this week. These past months, I’ve been...

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Sample Functionality would have been nice to have these buttons connected to iTunes and Stitcher for you, but I'm sure you can appreciate there are just too many variables to consider for a template. So getting this linked up to your particular podcast service is a task that will be left up to you.

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