Authenticity Courage Living Your Best Life With Authenticity Is the Ultimate Reward

In today’s blog post I’m going to talk about your biggest advocate and standing out… and how the 7 Checkpoints all apply. I specifically chose to relate 5 Checkpoints: Positivity, Authenticity, Courage, Action and Resilience.

My challenge for you is this: who supports you most in going for your dreams and what you want in your life? If you want to be on the trajectory to living your Best Life… that person has to be you. You have to be your own biggest advocate -- which also requires that you embrace standing out.

I’ll give you an example from my own life. When I made the decision to pursue my graduate degree… let’s just say it wasn’t a popular or well-supported idea by my family and friends. There were many who voiced concern over my decision. There were many perfectly valid arguments made -- I had just started work after college and was beginning to get life situated. Some wondered how I would pay for graduate school.

What they could not fully appreciate was I knew why I wanted to pursue my graduate studies. I knew what I’d envisioned for my life and that I loved the path I’d chosen for myself. This meant I had to rely solely upon myself to pursue this path. It wasn’t a consensus. I didn’t want to live my life by popular vote or by following the path everyone else lived or thought best for me. I had to be my own biggest advocate and trust myself to make it happen. I had to silence the doubts and fears of others and of myself. I had to develop clarity of purpose -- or authenticity -- in what I was pursuing & why.

Think about this in your own life. You have to be your biggest advocate if you’re dreaming of living your best life. If you’re dreaming of changing the life that you have -- being your own biggest advocate is a role you’re going to have to embrace. You also have to develop a willingness to stand out. Going for what you want from life is going to differentiate you and even make some people around you uncomfortable. And, you have to be very okay with that.

If you’re not interested in making any changes and are content with following the path everyone else is taking -- you’ll simply get the same results everyone else is getting. And, let me tell you… you won’t be on the trajectory of living your best life. But, that’s not why you’re part of the Best Life Map community!

Perhaps you’d like to go back to school or start your own business. I encourage you to be positive and authentic as to why you’re pursuing the path you’ve chosen. Then have the courage to dream about what you want for your life and take action to make it happen. When things go wrong or you make a mistake you’ll need to pick yourself back up in resilience.

Are you dreaming of living a life different from the one you’re living today?


Then go for it! Take ownership of your life. Risk failing. Step out. Differentiate yourself. And while you’re going for it, don’t be surprised if you end up encouraging those around you to live their best life by living your Best Life.

Patricia Sampson reminded me that: “Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one's own person is its ultimate reward.”In the end, this is your life to live. And, living your Best Life with authenticity is the ultimate reward.

I’d love to hear about a plan you’ve been quietly holding onto so you can take action. I want to see you on the trajectory of living your Best Life!

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