Action It’s Never Too Late To Take Action

This is a quick check-in on taking action. I filmed this video from the marina in Dubai after attending to some work and seeing friends. Last week I reminded you there are endless opportunities to begin again. While it’s important to seize those opportunities along your Best Life Map journey—inherent in beginning, well, beginning. You must take action!  

I encourage you to make it a priority today to take action on a wish you have for living your best life—even if it means taking a small break, taking a pause in your hectic schedule.

Pause. Refocus. Take a breath and then begin. Begin again.

Take some action now...however small or big.

The well-known, French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry reminds us: “The time for action is now. It's never too late to do something.” What is something on your list you’ve been meaning to get to, to accomplish? Even if you’ve been putting it off—I want to motivate you to make a plan, make it a reality. Commit to yourself that you will take action on it today. Let’s move and do this now!

I also want to remind you to enjoy yourself and enjoy the journey...wherever you are along your Best Life Map. Sometimes when we delay or put off something that moves us closer toward living our Best Life—we also delay the joy and gratitude. Appreciate where you are today!

Reply to this email to let me know one thing you plan to take action on today? When we say what it is we want to accomplish, when we make a commitment—we make it a reality. Remember, it’s  never too late... Take action today to live your best life!

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