Positivity Intentional Living & A Positive Mindset Have The Power To Change Your Life

Living your Best Life requires intentionality. The daily practice of setting intentions and beginning each day with a positive mindset can have the power to change your life. Living without intention is like taking a trip without a roadmap or even a destination. And, so, it’s near impossible to get back on track when life inevitably changes course.

The 7 Checkpoints - Positivity, Authenticity, Courage, Action, Joy, Gratitude & Resilience - provide a roadmap to use along your Best Life Map journey. They can help you implement a daily, intentional practice that will positively influence the direction of your life. So, set an intention to be positive today. I bet most good things that have come to fruition in your life began with the seed of a positive intention ;-)

Life will present you, as it often does, with challenges and opportunities to overcome obstacles we didn’t anticipate. By setting a positive intention, you’ll be better able to handle these speed bumps and only allow them to temporarily deviate you from your path. Using a simple, daily practice of the 7 Checkpoints will bring you quickly back to the course you’ve set for your life. The Checkpoints serve as a reminder, in the present moment, of your positive intentions to live your Best Life. They can help you sustain your focus and positive mindset through the challenging moments.

Setting an intention of a positive mindset has a compounding effect… it both helps set you up to live your Best Life and is the outcome of living your Best Life.

That’s what I call a win-win. A positive mindset provides you with an incredible opportunity - it expands your perspective on life and its attendant challenges and yields more options and greater adaptability.  

A more negative mindset has the opposite effect - it narrows your perspective and options. It keeps you from pivoting and being adaptable. In fact, a negative mindset often paralyzes you from taking any meaningful action.

Your thoughts have the power to impact your reality… so, by all means, make them positive! You must cultivate a positive mindset day-to-day. You have the tools to take action on this through the daily habit of checking in on Positivity, Authenticity, Courage, Action, Joy, Gratitude & Resilience. Remember you have the power to influence the direction of your life!

Please respond below so I can learn how your daily practice of the 7 Checkpoints is going. Are you finding it doable to implement them in your life? If you’re experiencing any challenges in implementing the 7 Checkpoints into your daily routines, I’d love to hear and perhaps to help, okay?

Live your Best Life,

Jonscott Turco

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