Joy Finding Joy In The Everyday Moments Of Life

I encouraging you to find joy in the everyday moments of life.

Do you sometimes find it more difficult to recognize the joy in the seemingly ordinary or difficult day-to-day moments? Joy is one of the 7 Checkpoints on the Best Life Map...for good reason. Joy, perhaps more than some of the other Checkpoints, requires greater diligence in order to practice it regularly and have it play its part in living your Best Life.

Everyday moments make up the majority of our lives. Being present in joy—through the ups and downs of your life—is crucial!

Watch the video above as I share a story about a friend of mine who has three girls at home. She often finds herself in the midst of the noise and chaos of raising thee super-active children. I remind her these moments are not only finite, but are the days she’ll look back on with fondness. I always say and she jokes about “missing these days one day”. It’s just so true.  

I challenge you to be present in joy right now...not “someday” when life is perfect or when your goals are met! As you move forward through life, you’ll find the simple, small moments are what matter most and become the sum total of your life. Embrace the joy now—no matter where you are on your journey to living your Best Life.

I’d love to hear how you’re embracing the practice of being joyful in your everyday life. Comment below and let me know how you ‘check in’ with joy on a daily basis.

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