Authenticity Authenticity Is An Accumulation Of Your Daily Choices

Last week’s blog I talked all about maintaining the fine balance of authenticity and adaptability.

Today, I’m doing a quick check-in to see how you’re coming along on the Checkpoint of Authenticity. Below we’re going to look at how authenticity relates to how YOU are today as it’s an accumulation of your daily choices.

I filmed this video live from Manhattan on a Friday. If you’re like me, I bet you look forward to your weekends. Totally understandable, right? I was recalling with friends how Fridays used to be the day of the week I dreaded. Sunday blues had slid into Friday blues. Eventually, I couldn’t even anticipate enjoying the weekend—because it seemed the workweek was always looming.

You can check out a longer blog post here about ending the Sunday misery.

I dreaded the workweek because I wasn’t fulfilled in my career and I wasn’t living entirely true to myself. In short—I was not living my Best Life. I was just plodding along, choosing to ignore my unhappiness with an aspect of my life that bled into every other area. Things had gotten to the point that it was less painful for me to take action and change my situation than to continue along as I had. I took a closer look at my goals and values and how they aligned with the way I was living my life. Then, I adjusted my sails—and I continue to, as needed, utilizing my daily check-ins with authenticity and the other Checkpoints along my Best Life Map.

Once I aligned my day-to-day life with my values and goals…I experienced more clarity, joy and peace. I no longer dreaded the weekend or the workweek.

Are you practicing authenticity daily? Do your values and goals align with your day-to-day life? As Brené Brown says, “Authenticity is not something we have or don’t have. It’s a practice—a conscious choice of how we want to live. Authenticity is actually a collection of choices, choices we make every day.”

So, authenticity isn’t something you have to acquire… it’s something you cultivate on a daily basis. That’s good news… it’s available to anyone who desires it and practices it regularly. Are you dreading the weekend because it’s a harbinger of what’s to come with the start of yet another work week? How do you want to live today?

Life is too precious a gift to be just existing and not living true to your values, goals and desires! Use the daily Checkpoint of Authenticity to live true to yourself, even as life evolves and you evolve along with it.

Comment below and let me know how you are cultivating authenticity on a daily basis, okay? I’d love to hear how you’re making the daily choices that, cumulatively, bring you closer towards living your best life—an authentic life!

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