About Jonscott Turco.

Hi! I'm Jonscott and am very happy to welcome you today.

Over the past 20+ years, I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with people just like you, from all walks of life. Tens of thousands of people from diverse cultures; professional and personal backgrounds; and an extraordinary variety of unique approaches to living & working. Collectively, these experiences have led me to a unique 'global perspective' about how each of us has the chance to live our Best Life.

Over time, I developed a deep understanding of how people like us make choices impacting our lives and how these choices can take us closer or farther away from living our Best Life, everyday. This understanding has also clarified hallmarks of living a truly fulfilled, high-performing, and resilient life. These hallmarks show up as we practice being present and regularly attending to each of the 7 checkpoints along the Best Life Map.

Being positive and truly authentic, practicing courage and taking action in your life, being present in joy and gratitude in your everyday moments, and harnessing resilience when you fail or things don’t go your way. These are all critical factors in living your life with focus and adaptability, essentially living a truly fulfilled, high-performing, and resilient life in all its facets. In other words, living your Best Life.

Having extensive experience and practice in myriad approaches in personal and professional psychology, I'll confidently guide you through each stage of your personal and professional journeys. It brigs me great happiness and satisfaction as I help challenge you to overcome your limiting beliefs and fears, build positive momentum and align your goals and values towards living the life you've been dreaming of.

I love having the opportunity to help you become more equipped to create positive changes in your life, so you move towards a growth mindset wherein inevitable challenges become opportunities; diversity of thought and approach become competitive advantages; disruptions become moments of significant reflection and innovation; and the actions you take to manifest new realities become defining transformative moments on the path to living your Best Life.

So many of us are living life at an inflection point — at the fusion of courage and action, where great change and growth can occur. I have a passion for enabling you to take decisive actions in this inflection point towards living your Best Life, and inspiring others to do so as well.

Always remember, I'm here to help you achieve great and meaningful goals along your Best Life Map through your constant commitment to being your very best along each of the 7 checkpoints, each and every day.

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